Election 2016 Win: Alameda County Says YES to Measure A1

UPDATE: The campaign has called this one a win! Measure A1 will raise $580 million for affordable homes across Alameda County. It’s a critical step toward ensuring that all residents of Alameda County can afford to live, work, and stay here for generations to come. Housing affordability is an urgent concern across the Bay Area, extracting a heavy financial and emotional toll on millions of the region’s residents. In Alameda County, median… Read More

Election 2016 Loss: Napa County Says NO to Measure Z

UPDATE: Unfortunately Measure Z did not pass in the Nov. 2016 election. Measure Z establishes a ¼ cent sales tax for 14 years that will raise approximately $8 million per year for open space. It would permanently protect up to 30,000 acres of watersheds, forests, and natural habitats throughout Napa County. Greenbelt Alliance encourages all voters in Napa County to vote YES on Measure Z to preserve local water, parks, and open… Read More

Election 2016: Neutral Position on Measure X in Contra Costa Co.

UPDATE: This measure didn’t pass. Measure X establishes a new ½ cent sales tax to fund various transportation investments across Contra Costa County and enacts new countywide land-use policies. The measure augments an existing ½ cent sales tax—Measure J from 2004. The Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) prepared the measure and placed it on the November 2016 ballot. If approved, it would raise $2.8 billion over 30 years. Greenbelt Alliance has taken… Read More

Election 2016 Win: Cotati Says YES to Measure Q

UPDATE: We’re excited that Measure Q passed in the November 2016 election! The City of Cotati in Sonoma County plans to renew its urban growth boundary (UGB) for another 30 years with the city-sponsored Ballot Measure Q in this election. While Measure Q has the full support of the City Council and is likely to pass, Greenbelt Alliance realizes that we still need to inform and inspire the voters. We can’t risk… Read More

Election 2016: Vote YES on Measure J in Sonoma Co.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Measure J did not pass in the Nov. 2016 election. This ½ cent sales tax will raise an estimated $95 million over the next 10 years to fund regional park maintenance and improvements. It will help address Sonoma County’s considerable park funding shortfall. Specifically, Measure J will: Expand, maintain, and improve our parks for future generations Protect drinking water sources, streams, and rivers Protect natural areas Preserve fish and wildlife… Read More

Election 2016 Win: Cupertino Says NO to Measure C

UPDATE: We are happy to report that Measure C did not pass in the November 2016 election. This misguided measure would prohibit the creation of a walkable, mixed-use town center in the failing Vallco Mall and restrict revitalization of other key commercial corridors, making the city more expensive, more car-dependent, and more polluted as a result. The Vallco Shopping Mall in the center of Cupertino first opened in 1976. Over time, the… Read More

Election 2016 Win: Santa Clara County Says YES to Measure A

UPDATE: We’re excited that Measure A passed in the November 2016 election! Measure A will raise $950 million to provide affordable homes for those most in need across Santa Clara County. These funds are essential because everyone should have the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, and affordable home. Housing unaffordability is having a devastating effect on the lives of many Santa Clara County residents who are under growing pressure to… Read More

Election 2016 Win: Milpitas Says YES to Measure J

UPDATE: We’re excited that Measure J passed in the November 2016 election! This measure renews voter-approved protections that shield the city’s hillsides from inappropriate development and subdivision for another 20 years. The hillside protections, first adopted in 2004, complement the city’s Urban Growth Boundary. The City of Milpitas is lucky to have significant undeveloped natural lands within its boundaries, primarily on the city’s eastern edge in the foothills of the Mount Hamilton… Read More

Election 2016 Win: Gilroy Says YES to Measure H

UPDATE: We’re excited that Measure H passed in the November 2016 election! Measure H creates an Urban Growth Boundary for the City of Gilroy, protecting thousands of acres of threatened natural and agricultural lands from sprawl development. The City of Gilroy, located in southern Santa Clara County, has a deep history as a farming community, and its annual garlic festival is known across California. (McDonald’s just gave the city an extra publicity… Read More