Justin Ebrahemi

Meet Justin

As Greenbelt Alliance’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Justin builds and executes strategic campaigns to share the organization’s story and impact.

Justin (he/they) brings seven years of experience in nonprofit leadership, environmental policy research, and journalism to Greenbelt Alliance. Here, he leads the organization’s media strategy, bolsters community outreach, and directs digital marketing campaigns. Justin is passionate about diversifying the field of environmental advocacy to protect our ecosystems for future generations of the Bay Area’s disproportionately impacted communities. His marketing initiatives center DEI to drive the mission and vision of Greenbelt Alliance with an eye for accessibility and community participation in climate resilience work.

Their diverse portfolio includes equitable groundwater management research for the Environmental Defense Fund, which builds off his Master’s thesis at Cal Poly Humboldt’s Environment & Community program. He has also led the strategic plan initiative for the San Francisco-based arts organization, CounterPulse, before overseeing audience engagement and marketing for KQED Arts & Culture.

Justin is always ready to adventure, and in his spare time can be found biking or trail running through San Francisco, going to performing arts events, or cooking up a plant-based dish.

Posts by Justin | Ph: 1-415-543-6771 x316

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