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Meet Nate

As a Resilience Associate at Greenbelt Alliance, Nate assists with research and leverages his skills to help us bring the right climate and housing policies to the Bay Area.

Nate (He/Him) was born and raised San Francisco and still lives there. He graduated from Claremont McKenna College in December of 2021, majoring in History. Within the major he focused on urban studies and chose to look at transportation and disaster response in California.

In the summer of 2021, Nate served in the inaugural year of the California Climate Action Corps fellowship for NorCal Resilience Network. There he worked with community based organizations, housing sites and community centers to help them achieve their goal becoming a resilience hub, space or block. Before that he has interned with Contest Every Race and 826 Valencia. He has also conducted research fellowships on ‘gig-work’ and the cultural importance of soccer in Latin America.

Nate most recently has been working for Candelstick Courier Cooperative, an employee owned food, flower and check delivery service based in San Francisco. In his free time he enjoys staying active by biking, playing soccer and surfing. To rest and recover he enjoys reading and creative writing.

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