Stefan Bewley

Meet Stefan

Stefan Bewley serves on the Greenbelt Alliance Board of Directors.

Stefan Bewley has extensive experience in helping organizations with strategic decision-making.

He currently leads the Strategy & Corporate Development team at T-Mobile. He and his team advise the company on strategic decisions and investments for both near term and long term success.

Prior to T-Mobile, Stefan was a Partner and Board member with Altman Solon, a leading strategy consulting firm specializing in communications, media and technology sectors. Over his tenure, he helped grow the company to become the largest strategy consulting firm focused on the communications, media and technology sectors.

Prior to joining Altman Solon, Stefan worked with The Brattle Group, an economic consulting firm. Stefan holds a BS and a Master’s of Engineering from M.I.T.

When they aren’t attending their kids’ soccer or piano events, Stefan and his wife Kathryn enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities.

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