Sunnyvale Commits to Housing Along EI Camino Real: 6,900 New Homes Approved

In Sunnyvale, a two-bedroom apartment rents for over $3,200 per month. The city and its residents are hoping to address this urgent affordability problem and get growth right by planning for more homes as part of their El Camino Real plan. Greenbelt Alliance is working with resident groups like Sunnyvale Cool, advocates like Sue Serrone, and the community-based coalition Sue leads, Livable Sunnyvale, to ensure the people of Sunnyvale can impact how their city grows and ensure their needs are incorporated into the El Camino Real plan. Our partners range from neighborhood associations and housing advocates to bicycle and pedestrian groups.

Sunnyvale’s City Council has taken an important step forward, voting to accommodate 6,900 new homes along the corridor, the most homes of all the options under consideration in its upcoming plan. The final plan is expected to be adopted in 2019.

Our Fixing the Foundation report identified key barriers to adding new homes in Sunnyvale. Using those findings as a guide, we are working to ensure the plan increases flexibility to allow for new sustainable and affordable homes to be built in the right places. Learn more about Sunnyvale’s commitment to affordable housing along the El Camino Real here.

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