Protecting 1,200 Acres of Agricultural & Natural Lands in Antioch

Greenbelt Alliance celebrated a big win when the Antioch City Council voted to protect 1,200 acres of natural and agricultural lands, which had long been in the crosshairs for sprawl development. The protected lands in the foothills of Mount Diablo are in an area called Sand Creek. Known for its well-loved walking routes and scenic vistas, this land also provides a host of natural benefits, from wildlife habitat to groundwater recharge and carbon sequestration. But most importantly, 77% of the 1,200 acres protected is composed of farmland—contributing to our local food supply and the Bay Area’s $6.1 billion agricultural economy. By protecting the ever-shrinking amount of farm and ranch land in the Bay Area from poorly planned sprawl development, Greenbelt Alliance is ensuring that future generations have access to local, healthy food. Though this was a monumental step in the fight to protect the Sand Creek area, Greenbelt Alliance, our partners, and the community would be forced to continue the battle to 2020. Learn more about this victory in Antioch here.

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