Your Dollars At Work

Greenbelt Alliance is almost entirely funded by our community of individual donors and philanthropic foundations. This is how we put your dollars to work.

Our Impact

It takes unwavering commitment to shape the rules that govern growth in the Bay Area. These rules include land-use plans, policies, and funding tools of the region’s nine counties and 101 cities and towns. Some advocacy campaigns move quickly and others can take months or years to win. We are proud to share that over the past few years, we celebrated several big wins that took years of advocacy to accomplish, including:

More Success Stories

How We Do It

Every day we advocate for, provide expertise on, and build community support behind public policy and planning to ensure open space conservation and smart growth happens here in the Bay Area. Here’s a snapshot of our work last year. Read more about our impact in our annual report.

Each day, our staff:
  • Meet with elected officials and governing bodies to ensure they have accurate policy analysis and innovative research when making decisions.
  • Advise on and advocate for improvements as plans and policies evolve.
  • Rally residents to take action in the most impactful ways.
  • Publicly endorse good development and fight sprawl proposals.
  • Organize community groups and organizations for a unified voice.
  • Provide expertise on rules that govern where and how cities grow.
  • Attend regional and local community meetings to support conservation and smart growth.
  • Lead educational tours and events for residents and leaders to show them what is at stake if we don’t handle growth in the right way.
  • Write, email, call, and show up to influence public policies that can change the Bay Area forever.

Help us continue to champion the places that make the Bay Area special.

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