June 16, 2015

The women of Sunnyvale Cool (from left to right: Margaret, Barbara, and Janani)

Three of the Coolest Women in Sunnyvale

Profound change often comes at the hands of volunteers. In Sunnyvale, the historic block of Murphy Avenue by the Caltrain station remains a charming, bustling shopping and dining district due to the tireless efforts of one such woman, Ann Hines. Today, her legacy lives on through a committed group of environmental advocates who call themselves Sunnyvale Cool.

Photo: Taylor Hanigosky ©

Seven Reasons to Be Optimistic About Housing on the Peninsula

The housing situation in San Mateo County is dire, like in most parts of the Bay Area. While job growth in the region leads the nation, the benefits of the booming economy are shared unevenly and skyrocketing rents are displacing more and more of our low- and middle-income neighbors. Here are seven reasons to feel positive about the housing situation.

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