August 6, 2015

How Mary Became Walnut Creek’s Affordable Housing Champion

Mary Fenelon is one of Walnut Creek’s most fearless and outspoken affordable housing advocates. For years, she has rallied her community to ensure that everyone in Walnut Creek, and the Bay Area, can live in a thriving neighborhood they’re proud to call home. Through her efforts with the Coalition for a Vibrant and Inclusive Walnut Creek (which Greenbelt Alliance helped form), the East Bay Housing Organizations, and the Mount Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church, Mary has been essential to providing people in the community with a platform to openly discuss housing policies and fight for their housing rights.

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Photo: Allan Chatto via Flickr

Save the Cherries

Rich with an abundance of Brentwood sweet corn, fine wines, and U-Pick cherries, Contra Costa County farms and ranches are some of California’s most fruitful, contributing nearly $100 million per year to the Bay Area economy. Yet the county has the most open space at risk of development in the entire region: over 18,000 acres or the equivalent of 18 Golden Gate Parks.

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