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Big Wins at the 2014 Ballot

Today, we are ecstatic to announce huge wins for the Bay Area and Greenbelt Alliance—winning on all ballot measure positions that we endorsed. Our endorsements and your support made this happen:

  • Santa Clara County voted to dedicate $118 million over 15 years to fund preservation and expansion of county open spaces by passing Measure Q.
  • Dublin voted to protect Doolan Canyon from sprawl by rejecting Measure T
  • Berkeley voted to reject prohibitive restrictions on smart downtown development by rejecting Measure R
  • Union City voted to uphold voter-approved open space protections by rejecting Measure KK
  • San Bruno voted to revitalize its downtown by passing Measure N
  • Alameda County voted to invest in more climate-friendly transportation options by passing Measure BB

These election results demonstrate that a large majority of Bay Area voters are committed to the protection of our region’s iconic landscapes and to smart, sustainable development within our existing cities and towns.

Yesterday, we took a big step toward fully protecting our natural and agricultural lands and growing in a way that creates neighborhoods we are all proud to call home. Read more on our endorsements and what they mean for the region.

Looking forward to 2015, let’s capitalize on the momentum we have created and continue working to improve the quality of life for all Bay Area residents.

UPDATE (11/10/14): This post has been updated to reflect that Santa Clara County’s Measure Q has officially passed with over 67% of the vote. At the time of original publication, this measure was too close to call. Read more on what Measure Q will do.

Photo: BU Interactive News

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