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Volunteer Spotlight: Becky Dennis

Our April Volunteer of the Month is Pleasanton resident Becky Dennis. Becky and her husband, Murray, have lived in Pleasanton since 1988. Becky was elected to Pleasanton’s City Council in 1993.

As a Council member, she supported the approval of a several successful affordable housing projects for both families and seniors. She retired from the Council in 2002, after serving the maximum number of terms allowed in Pleasanton. Becky continues to advocate for affordable housing in Pleasanton as an organizer for Citizens for a Caring Community, and as an ad hoc member of the Hacienda Redevelopment Task Force.

In her role as member of the CFCC, Becky spent many hours helping us organize and put on a successful urban outing on January 29, 2011, to show residents of Pleasanton examples of successful, well-integrated and designed affordable housing developments around the Bay Area. If that wasn’t enough, Becky also assembled homemade sandwiches and baked three kinds of muffins for the tour attendees!

Thank you for all of your hard work, Becky!

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