Volunteer Spotlight: Joanna Huitt

Over the summer, Greenbelt Alliance’s San Jose office benefitted from the extraordinary help of a super volunteer intern, Joanna Huitt.

Volunteer Spotlight: Andi Albers

The August 2013 Volunteer of the Month is the incomparable Andi Albers!

Volunteer Spotlight: Beth Martin

May 2013’s Volunteer of the Month is the one and only Beth Martin!

Volunteer Spotlight: Lena Gammer

In her 10 months at Greenbelt Alliance, Lena has interviewed countless experts in the field of building new infill homes, asking them how Greenbelt Alliance could help make it easier to build the right type of homes in the right places. Thanks for all your hard work, Lena!

Volunteer Spotlight: Jeff Balantine

Last fall, Jeff Balantine joined Greenbelt Alliance’s policy department to help explore and illustrate pressing land-use issues around the Bay Area. With a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning, Jeff jumped straight into researching the walkability and bikeability conditions along El Camino Real to help inform our work with the Grand Boulevard Initiative.

Volunteer Spotlight: Sandeep Sabu

Joining the Greenbelt Alliance Policy Department in October, Sandeep Sabu offered his research skills to build our understanding of the rural agricultural and residential policies governing our open spaces in the Bay Area. Sandeep dove deep into the region’s county planning documents to complement our recent research from At Risk: The Bay Area Greenbelt.

Volunteer Spotlight: Carol High

Greenbelt Alliance owes a big thank you to volunteer Carol High, who helped out at our October 4 fundraiser, Savor the Greenbelt.

Volunteer Spotlight: Nathan Denoso-Reddick

Nathan Donoso-Reddick served as a communications intern this past summer, writing blog posts, maintaining www.greenbelt.org, and creating how-to tutorial videos on the website. A Bay Area native, the 2011 Berkeley High graduate is currently studying communications and culture with a specialization in economics and sociology at Clark University in Worcester, MA. He aspires to go on to law school. Nathan has seen firsthand the development and growth of the Bay Area throughout… Read More

Volunteer of the Month: Joe Casson

This September, we’re delighted to honor Online Communications Intern Joe Casson as our volunteer of the month.

Volunteer Spotlight: Liz Watson

Our June volunteer of the month is our newest outings leader, Elizabeth Watson