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Volunteer Spotlight: Lena Gammer

Lena joined Greenbelt Alliance last May and jumped right in by speaking at that month’s Plan Bay Area public meeting (sign up today for the upcoming Plan Bay Area meetings, your last chance to provide feedback on the plan). She spoke about how her hometown of Redwood City has been completely revived and become a much more fun place to live since the City started investing in the area around the Caltrain station.

In her 10 months at Greenbelt Alliance since then, Lena has interviewed countless experts in the field of building new infill homes, asking them how Greenbelt Alliance could help make it easier to build the right type of homes in the right places.

Lena is moving on to work full-time as a tutor for in-need students in Menlo Park. Thanks for all your hard work, Lena!


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