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Volunteer Spotlight: Beth Martin

May 2013’s Volunteer of the Month is the one and only Beth Martin!

As a Policy Intern, Beth had spent nearly a year expertly helping out with Greenbelt Alliance’s Homes for All Initiative research. Unfortunately for us, Beth has wrapped up her internship and will be moving on to United Way, where she will be coordinating their youth summer internship program. She will be starting graduate studies for urban planning at San Jose State University this fall. Way to go, Beth!

Prior to living in San Francisco, Beth was born and raised in New York, receiving her B.S. at Cornell University. She has also spent six months in Masindi, Uganda working to improve perceptions of primates and other wildlife in the area. In her free time, Beth fancies YA fiction and a good helping of Humphry Slocombe’s “Special Breakfast” ice cream.

Thank you for all your hard work, Beth—we will miss you bunches!


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