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Volunteer Spotlight: Sandeep Sabu

Joining the Greenbelt Alliance Policy Department in October, Sandeep Sabu offered his research skills to build our understanding of the rural agricultural and residential policies governing our open spaces in the Bay Area. Sandeep dove deep into the region’s county planning documents to complement our recent research from At Risk: The Bay Area Greenbelt. His work will help support Greenbelt Alliance campaigns as well as a pending agricultural report by SPUR.

Sandeep studied classics at St. John’s College, taught English in Cambodia, helped develop eco-villages in South India, and consulted on urban sustainability projects in Chicago before graduating from the University of New Mexico with a dual Master’s Degree in Community & Regional Planning and Water Resources Management. Impressive, no?

After completing his internship at Greenbelt Alliance, Sandeep has since moved on to GRID Alternatives, a great organization that installs photovoltaic solar panels for low-income families around the greater Bay Area.

Thank you for all your help, Sandeep!


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