Volunteer Spotlight: Carol High

Carol, right, hanging out with Greenbelt Alliance's Amanda Brown-Stevens and Adam Garcia. (Photo Credit: Moanalani Jeffrey)

We owe a big thank you to Carol High, who volunteered at our October 4 fundraiser, Savor the Greenbelt. A Greenbelt Alliance donor as well, Carol not only helped make sure all details for the event were in order, but she even spoke to guests about why she supports our work!

A native of Dearborn, Michigan, Carol spent most of her time outdoors. She learned to appreciate the open space from her Macedonian grandparents. They also grew an abundance of fruits and vegetables next to their home.

Carol moved to the Bay Area in 1977. Since then, she and her husband have enjoyed exploring the open space all across the region. They feel particularly lucky to live so close to McLaren Park, the second largest park in San Francisco.

“I love living in the Bay Area because I crave variety and I always find new things to do,” says Carol. “From outdoor activities like hiking—I highly recommend Greenbelt’s outings, by the way—to cultural events, global cuisines, or just watching the sunset… it’s all around us.”

Thank you, Carol!


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