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Bringing the Outdoors In

I have been feeling so thankful for my house plants during shelter in place.

Not only do they make my apartment look infinitely more Instagram-worthy, but they also provide myriad health benefits like air purification, mood improvement, and better sleep quality. Not to mention, caring for something (especially if you live alone) can give a sense of purpose and motivation, something we all need in this time of isolation.

Since our house plants work so hard for us, let’s take this opportunity to show them some extra love:

  1. Research: Do some research on the plants in your house. Every plant needs a different watering schedule and amount of light. I keep a notebook and track the days that I water each plant so I know that I am not over or under watering them.
  2. Repot: Early spring is actually the best time to repot your house plants. With increased sunlight and temperatures, your plants are getting ready for the growing season.
  3. Plant Something New: Your local garden supply store may be offering curbside pick-up or online orders. If so, grab a new plant, seeds, or just a new pot for a plant you already have. If not, when repotting, you can divide offshoots and propagate new plants for free!

For my latest house plant project, I repotted my fiddle leaf fig. Check out the beautiful new leaves that just sprouted!

Header Photo: Giulia Bertelli via Unsplash

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