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Climate Ride California 2013: Our Journey to Success


Greenbelt Alliance had the biggest team and was the top fundraiser of Climate Ride California 2012. So what did we do in 2013? We went all-out for team recruitment and fundraising and had a lot of fun while we were at it!

We kicked off our team recruitment in early March by celebrating the successes of the 2012 team. Members of Greenbelt Alliance’s 2012 and 2013 teams met at The Ramp in San Francisco to have a toast and talk all things Climate Ride. What did our Climate Ride veterans say was the most understated necessity on the ride? Chamois Butter! What fundraising strategies did we come up with? That’s our secret!

 8661927140_4c9058e111_mOur team did decide to put the FUN back in FUNdraising this year. We ended up planning three events between March and May to raise money for Climate Ride. On April 17th, Team Greenbelt Alliance and Greenbelt Alliance staff showcased their bartending skills at Elixir as part of their guest bartending night. Tips, along with some drink proceeds went straight to Climate Ride. The bar was absolutely packed, the tips were generous, and the drinks were quite delicious (thanks team!).

 8681449742_441f2481c3_mOur next fundraiser, The Climate Games, was a house party filled with games, home brewed beer, and prizes. We had handed out dozens of flyers at Elixir, and our team did an excellent job of spreading the word about the party. We raffled off a Climate Ride jersey and a beautiful topographic map (compliments of Mission Bicycles), and partygoers made donations to drink delicious home brewed beer and to play fun and creative games. We drank, we laughed, and we raised some money while we were at it!

Our third and final fundraiser is coming up on May 11th, the day before the fundraising deadline. We’re putting together a Garage & Bake Sale that’s not to be missed. We’re holding it at a team member’s house one block from Dolores Park on 20th Street in San Francisco. We’ll have cupcakes, lemonade, and lots of great stuff for sale. Details are coming soon, be sure to bike by and check it out!

8571501465_5b560484b7_mAlong with our fundraising efforts, Team Greenbelt Alliance has been training hard. Since we live all over the Bay Area and beyond, we’ve met in different groups to ride and prepare. We’ve put our feet to the pedals on many weekdays, and every weekend to train. We’ve had regular Tuesday training rides in San Francisco, Greenbelt bike outings in Sonoma and Solano County, and regular rides in Marin County. With less than three weeks to go, our team is excited and ready for Climate Ride California 2013!


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