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Performance Targets for Plan Bay Area

26 October 2010

Re: Performance Targets

Dear MTC and ABAG Staff:

Thank you for the opportunity to provide additional input as you prepare initial staff recommendations for a full set of SCS Performance Targets. Please see below for a discussion of the principal goals that we would like each target to achieve, and our suggestions for which targets appear to be moving in a better direction at this time. There are clearly still some uncertainties around which targets are able to be forecast with the current models, what metrics will be used to measure the targets, what assumptions are used when running the models, and the nature of the land use and transportation choices that will be defined in each scenario. As the process is clarified over the coming weeks, the exact appropriate target to achieve different goals and outcomes may shift. In addition, we know that regional agency staff and other groups are doing additional research into how to model various outcomes, including health outcomes. We look forward to continuing to participate in the process of defining SCS performance targets.

Climate Protection
We support the statutory target of reducing CO2 per capita by 7% by 2020 and by 15% by 2035.

  1. Reduce CO2 per capita.


Healthy & Safe Communities
The use of non-motorized transportation modes – walking and biking – increases physical activity and reduces the risk of obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease …

Greenbelt_Alliance_Targets_Comment_Letter_10-25-10 (PDF).

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