The Sonoma Solstice resort and event center is being proposed for burned land in the community separator
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Teri Shore

Community Separator in Path of Fires

The Tubb’s fire blasted through the wooded hillsides of Santa Rosa’s Fountaingrove, down through the community separator at Larkfield-Wikiup, and into the Coffey Park neighborhood inside the urban growth boundary (UGB).

Tragically, Cloverleaf Ranch, a 160-acre horse ranch that hosts a summer camp for kids, was located in the community separator that burned, losing homes, animals, and Civil War-era barns. The long-time Sonoma County family who owns the ranch are already planning to rebuild. You can help them by donating on their GoFundMe site here.

The land next door at Buzzard’s Gulch where a luxury resort is proposed was also caught in the fire. We are not sure what will happen to this land now, but there may be an opportunity to reconnect the 22 acres to Cloverleaf Ranch, protecting the land from harmful and unnecessary sprawl development.

While community separators and the UGB didn’t stop the fires, without them the losses may have been worse if sprawl had overtaken the green buffers between our cities and towns. We need them now more than ever.

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