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Presenting… the community’s vision for two urban villages

The City of San Jose is close to wrapping up two more urban village plans: for West San Carlos Street and South Bascom Avenue.

Over the course of the planning process, Greenbelt Alliance has organized a walking tour, partnered with San Jose State University on a Complete Streets Audit, held a community conversation, invited renowned urban designer Allan Jacobs and Deputy City Manager of Vancouver Sadhu Johnston to speak at events, and co-hosted two Spanish-language workshops with TransForm.

After speaking with numerous people in the community—including residents from the Buena Vista, Sherman Oaks, and Burbank neighborhood associations, the West San Carlos Street Business Association, and Luther Burbank Elementary School’s Padres con Poder group—Greenbelt Alliance has compiled their ideas, concerns, and feedback into a community platform for your viewing pleasure.

Read our community platform for the West San Carlos Street and South Bascom Avenue urban villages [PDF].

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