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Environmental groups support Suncal’s Alameda Point project

Jennifer Wadsworth

Environmental groups Sierra Club, Greenbelt Alliance and Renewed Hope Housing Advocates have pledged support for Suncal Cos.’ proposal to redevelop a former naval station in Alameda.

Leaders from all three organizations have examined Suncal’s proposal for the 770-acre site, known as Alameda Point.

“If we want a region that is climate-friendly and less auto-dependent, that safeguards our iconic landscapes and creates great neighborhoods for all Bay Area residents, this is exactly the right kind of development,” said Jeremy Madsen, the executive director of Greenbelt Alliance, in a statement.

Suncal has an exclusive negotiating agreement with a the City of Alameda that will expire Tuesday unless the city council extends it.

The Irvine developer hired famed architect and urban planner Peter Calthorpe to design its proposal, which has hit roadblocks because it calls for higher density housing than city policies allow.

Originally, Suncal had proposed a plan for 4,210 units, but offered an alternative in April that would include 3,712 units and would satisfy the city’s density regulations.

“There is no alternative to developing Alameda Point than for the City of Alameda to make a long-overdue contribution to regional needs for less expensive housing,” said Laura Thomas, president of Renewed Hope Housing Advocates, in a statement.

Kent Lewandowski, chairman of the Northern Alameda County Group of the Sierra Club, added, “We are pleased that the City and the developer have already initiated the environmental review process mandated by CEQA, which requires review of environmental impacts, analysis of mitigation proposals, and public participation.”



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