Gateway at Millbrae Station

Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: 376 New Homes at Millbrae Station

Update: After years of effort by tireless community advocates, the Millbrae City Council approved the Gateway at Millbrae Station project on March 14, 2018, ensuring 400 badly-needed homes for the area—including nearly 100 designated as affordable housing for veterans.

Greenbelt Alliance is excited to endorse the proposed Gateway at Millbrae Station development by Republic Urban.

This proposal will transform portions of the existing Millbrae BART parking lot into a vibrant, transit-oriented community with 376 new homes and a variety of commercial and recreational spaces. Twenty percent of the new homes will be permanently affordable, reflecting BART’s smart new affordable housing policy. By converting a place for cars into a walkable neighborhood for people, it will help address the Bay Area’s pressing housing shortage, support the local economy, and relieve development pressure on our natural and agricultural lands.

The Gateway at Millbrae Station is a smart step toward making Millbrae a better place to live. We hope that it will inspire communities around the Bay Area to redouble their efforts to grow smartly.

Read more about our Endorsement Program and see more Greenbelt Alliance endorsed developments here.


5 Comments on “Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: 376 New Homes at Millbrae Station

  1. Will the existing parking spaces be replaced, or does this development reduce parking for commuters who have been using the BART station?

    • Thank you for your comment. The current plan will include replacement parking but there will be a small reduction in the total number of parking spaces. This will be offset by many new contributions to improve access and safety for walking and biking throughout the area.

  2. We should be endorsing permanently affordable ownership of condos near transport, not endless apartments for rent that vastly enrich the builder. Renting is not the only sustainable option for infill. Smart growth requires ownership options for low and middle income families. I see Greenbelt constantly favoring young single employees and their temporary renting as the solution in the name of sustainability. But if they choose to stay, they will eventually commute in from the suburbs. We must find ways to give people the ability to stay and invest in their local environment,

    • I agree with George. Homeownership is a vital part of community building. While I support the development of residences near commute lines. Ensuring affordable housing includes allowances for lower-mid income extended families and working seniors not just young / single renters in each and every town.

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