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Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: 800 New Homes at Former Alameda Naval Air Station

We’re elated to report that the Alameda City Council unanimously approved the “Site A” development proposal for Alameda Point at a public hearing on Tuesday, June 16.

Greenbelt Alliance’s Uri Pachter spoke out in support of the Site A proposal at Tuesday’s hearing. He was joined by more than 50 residents who support the new development.

Greenbelt Alliance endorsed the proposal as a prime example of sustainable, equitable, transit-oriented development. It calls for redevelopment of 68 acres of underutilized brownfield land to create walkable transit-friendly neighborhoods with a vibrant mix of homes, shops, offices, and parks. The project will serve as the compact town center for Alameda Point, the 1,734-acre decommissioned former Naval Air Station.

Smart infill development, like the Site A proposal, provides environmental and quality of life benefits for our cities and towns, while strengthening our local economies and relieving development pressure on the region’s open spaces. With the Bay Area’s housing affordability crisis in full effect and thousands of acres of farms and natural lands threatened by sprawl, it’s essential that we say “yes” to the right kind of development in the right places.

Why we endorsed the project:

  • 800 compact new homes and 600,000 square feet of commercial and retail space
  • 25% of new homes will be affordable
  • 15 acres of parks and open space
  • Designed to encourage walking and biking, with protected bikeways and new connections to the Bay Trail
  • Transportation choices, including Bus Rapid Transit facilities, transit passes, and shuttle services to BART, plus a $10 million contribution to a new ferry terminal
  • Energy- and water-efficient green building features and re-use of existing structures

Alameda Point is one of the largest remaining developable pieces of land in the inner Bay Area. It’s essential that we use this land wisely. By providing a thoughtfully designed, walkable community, the Site A proposal provides significant environmental, social, and economic benefits to the City of Alameda and the larger Bay Area. It is a smart first step toward the long-awaited redevelopment of Alameda’s former Naval Air Station.

Rendering: Thompson | Dorfman Partners

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