Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: Terraces of Lafayette

Update: After a 9+ hour meeting on August 10, the Lafayette City Council delayed the vote on the Terraces of Lafayette until August 24. We need to act NOW to reduce our GHG emissions and build resilient communities. Building affordable housing near transit is an important way to address both our housing and climate crises. Lafayette has a chance to be on the right side of history and save its residents a $15 million dollar lawsuit while also providing much needed rental housing near transit. Email the City Council today at and attend the meeting on August 24 to make your voice heard!

Greenbelt Alliance is proud to endorse the “Terraces of Lafayette” project, a 315-unit residential development by O’Brien Land Company in Lafayette, CA.

Every city in the Bay Area must play their part to increase their housing stock to make sure the local workforce can live and work in their community — improving the social fabric of our communities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

The Terraces will provide 315 homes with 20% allocated affordable for low-income residents. This project will make tremendous strides in helping Lafayette make progress on its Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) goals. The city has made almost no progress towards the low-income housing RHNA obligations but this project will provide 80% of Lafayettes RHNA requirement for low-income residents.

The Terraces project is located 1.7 miles (36 minutes by foot) from BART and the developer has proposed a host of transportation alternatives to the ‘last mile’ problem including providing a shuttle to and from the BART station, bike paths, bike shares, and scooter shares. The local high school is located across the street, with the elementary school located just half a mile away. The onsite amenities include community rooms, a gym, and a pool. The development plan includes green open spaces and a trail network that will be publically accessible. 

This is the kind of climate-smart development that we need in the Bay Area to meet our housing goals, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and make sure that local residents are able to grow and thrive in their own communities as housing costs rise.

As a result of the careful planning and community benefits, Greenbelt Alliance was proud to give this project our endorsement.

This project has been met with opposition and has triggered more than 20 public meetings since its inception in 2011. On Jun 30, the Planning Commission approved the Terraces of Lafayette project with a 5-2 vote in a meeting that lasted over seven hours, but the decision was appealed by a City Council member and will now come before the full City Council on August 24.

So now we’re calling all housing advocates to join us for our public comment party to speak up in support of this climate-smart, affordable housing project! This city council meeting is EXTREMELY important, as they will decide if the project will move forward or not. Register to the Public Comment Party here.

Greenbelt Alliance’s “Grow Smart Bay Area” goals call for fully protecting the Bay Area’s greenbelt, directing growth into our existing communities, and accomplishing both in a way that equitably benefits all Bay Area residents. Greenbelt Alliance’s development endorsement program helps further our “Grow Smart Bay Area” goals by providing independent validation of smart infill housing (the development of vacant land within urban areas) and mixed-use projects (allowing for various uses like office, commercial and residential). 

Learn more about sprawl threats in Contra Costa County and around the Bay Area by downloading our At Risk report today.

To find out more about our Endorsement Program, click here or contact our team with any questions you may have.

Photo: O’Brien Land Company

One Comment on “Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: Terraces of Lafayette

  1. I recommend approval of this “Terraces of Lafayette” development. It is climate sensitive and community-friendly. Many persons no longer want to live in isolated single-family houses. A cousin from an urban area would like the opportunity to move to the Bay Area where she has family.

    This new complex would be good for households young an old with good access to neighborhood shopping, the Lafayette Public Library, and healthy walking.

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