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Handling Growth in the Bay Area

Michael Jelks

A roundtable discussion on the projected growth in the Bay Area of California, and the planning tools being unveiled that will help mitigate the projected increase of an additional 2 million inhabitants to the region by 2035.

“The projected growth in the Bay Area is expected to increase from the the current 7+ million people to over 9 million by the year 2035. A discussion from various planning groups and regional governments discusses how smart growth, mixed-use development, and infill can help meet the needs of this growth in the face of the current economic crisis.”

KQED talks with Carl Anthony, founder of Earth House and co-author of the new book “Breakthrough Communities: Sustainability and Justice in the Next American Metropolis”, Jeremy Madsen, executive director of Greenbelt Alliance, Ken Kirkey, planning director with the Association of Bay Area Governments, Will Fleissig, president of Communitas Development, Inc.

Full Story: Smart Growth in the Bay Area
Source: KQED.org, June 8, 2009


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