Urge Concord to Support Affordable Homes

Concord Naval Weapons Station

For over a decade, Greenbelt Alliance has worked to protect 2,200 acres of the East Bay’s former Concord Naval Weapons Station—an area double the size of Golden Gate Park—while encouraging a long-planned 13,000-unit housing development. The development will provide 25% affordable housing, making a dramatic impact on our regional housing crisis. But all of this could disappear this week if the Concord City Council is not able to finalize a project proposal… Read More

How healthy is your county?

Do you worry about the air you breathe or where you can find local fruits and vegetables? Santa Clara County is creating a new Health Element, a road map for how the county’s community members — both from cities and unincorporated areas — will address health issues. Greenbelt Alliance recognizes that the way we design our communities affects our health. Smart land-use planning can foster overall well-being, diminish childhood obesity, decrease pedestrian… Read More

July Volunteers of the Month: Catherine Torres and Ben Dines

This July, we are fortunate to be able to honor two volunteers, Catherine Torres and Ben Dines.

Napa Pipe: From brownfield to new neighborhood

After completing an exhaustive analysis, Greenbelt Alliance concluded that proposed compact, mixed-use development, including 2,580 homes, at Napa Pipe is the best way to fulfill Napa County’s housing needs.

A New Avenue for development

Just one month after Greenbelt Alliance endorsed New Avenue, Inc.’s model for creating sustainable in-law homes, the company is nearing completion of its first in-law suite in Berkeley.

Greenbelt Alliance presents Grow Smart Bay Area in Marin County

With more than half of its forests, shorelines and hillsides permanently protected, Marin County is a national leader in open space conservation. Yet, at 62%, the county is also the regional leader in transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions.

SB 375 greenhouse gas emission reduction targets

The 21 undersigned organizations urge the Commission to recommend GHG reduction targets of at least 7% by 2020 and at least 15% by 2035.

General Plan 2030 moves to next phase

The City Council, or three fifths of it, with Mayor Abram Wilson and Councilman Scott Perkins absent, met with the Planning Commission one more time to put together the final draft of the 2030 General Plan. The Planning Commission will vote on it at a special meeting June 29 and the Council July 13.

Advocates: Brentwood Sprawl Measure a Litmus Test for SB 375

While municipal planning organizations around California try to develop the metrics and models required to meet the goals of SB 375, a law mandating smarter growth, a local voter initiative in Contra Costa County is being held up as a bellwether of the public’s support for strategic and sustainable development.

Brentwood votes down Measure F!

Victory! On June 8, Brentwood voters soundly rejected Measure F, the urban limit line expansion that would have sacrificed 740 acres of valuable agricultural lands to sprawl. With 100% of precincts reporting, Brentwood voted down Measure F 57-43%.