A New Avenue for development

Just one month after Greenbelt Alliance endorsed New Avenue, Inc.’s model for creating sustainable in-law homes, the company is nearing completion of its first in-law suite in Berkeley.

New Avenue uses an innovative development model that weaves small cottages and in-law suites into existing backyards throughout our communities. This vision for development aligns with our Grow Smart Bay Area goals, which calls a for 5% increase of in-law units in appropriate Bay Area neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, current law bans in-law suites in many cities around the region. But we hope that the adoption of second units will become a more widely accepted alternative and create small, affordable, environmentally sustainable homes for diverse Bay Area families.

Kevin Casey started New Avenue while an MBA student at the Haas School of Business and has worked full time on the venture since graduating in May 2009. New Avenue is an alternative development model that enables communities to grow internally as opposed to externally. Second units maximize usable space, provide an alternative option for affordable homes, and allow households to earn extra income or pay down their mortgage in tough economic times.

New Avenue’s distributed homes help diverse populations such as seniors, middle-income homeowners, and young adults live in communities that often lack smaller, more sustainable options. These homes are priced at an average of $125,000 each, a price affordable to many income levels without government subsidy.

New Avenue hopes to build these homes primarily in existing walkable neighborhoods close to transit. By using sustainable building practices and renewable energy, New Avenue homes are designed to produce more energy than they consume.

New Avenue currently has four homes in progress. The first home in Berkeley is nearing completion and will be available for tours. All interested residents and decision-makers can email info@newaveuehomes.com to request a showing.

4 Comments on “A New Avenue for development

  1. I’m interested to see any “new Avenue” small homes that get built. please call me at 415-665-6410 or e-mail me with info. Thank you

  2. I own a vacant 1/3 acre lot in Pleasant Hill and would like to investigate the possibility of building onto it a primary home with an in-law energy efficient set-up.
    Is this something you would want to become involved in?
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Jacques Couture

  3. Hi Jacques,

    If you are interested in working with New Avenue on an in-law home, you should contact Kevin Casey directly at kevin@newavenuehomes.com. I’m sure they would be delighted to hear from you.


    Sara Barz
    Greenbelt Alliance

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