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Harmeet and Kunal (and Chester) Find Home

When newlyweds Harmeet and Kunal decided to buy a home, they first met with a real estate agent to discuss their priorities and find the ideal neighborhood for them in the Bay Area.

“I remember Kunal kept trying to describe it,” says Harmeet. “And then he realized it was all about the lifestyle—he wanted to live where we could be healthy and be able to walk to places, but also not feel cramped.”

That home turned out to be the Greenbelt Alliance-endorsed Bay Meadows community.

“It’s perfect,” describes Kunal. “We have a beautiful park next door, we have space to walk around here, and yet you have all your amenities still within reach. And obviously, it’s really convenient location-wise to have Caltrain a 10-minute walk away.”

The City of San Mateo made the smart choice to replace an aging horse-racing track with a vibrant, mixed-use community that is still growing. The first homes opened in 2013 and when it’s all said and done, Bay Meadows will provide more than 1,100 homes affordable at a range of incomes.

Not every city can or should have the density of San Francisco, but according to Kunal: “Bay Meadows still has an urban feel—it doesn’t feel like you’re living in a concrete jungle and the community has done a wonderful job of integrating nature into it.”

“Just the other day, our dog Chester and I had a little adventure exploring the linear park area,” says Harmeet. “We try to explore a lot.”

Developments like Bay Meadows are the types of projects that Greenbelt Alliance looks to endorse so that everyone in the Bay Area can live in a thriving neighborhood they’re proud to call home. And it sounds like Bay Meadows is also Chester-endorsed.

Learn more at greenbelt.org/endorsement

Photo by Taylor Hanigosky

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