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Letter to the editor: Vote no on Measure W

SAN RAMON is a wonderful community and I feel lucky to live here. Yet it has grown rapidly since I moved here in 1973, and there is much more urban growth coming. In fact, there are another 4,600 houses and thousands of square feet of commercial space approved, but not yet built in our community, as developers wait for the economy to improve before beginning construction.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m voting no on Measure W. This measure would expand our Urban Growth Boundary and bring more development on agricultural and open space lands at the edge of town. It would also approve much more development near Interstate 680. Let’s address the growth that’s already approved rather than breaking our voter-approved growth boundary to develop our remaining sensitive lands.

Don’t be misled by the deceptive ballot language. While it’s written to sound like it’s good for the environment, respected conservation groups like Save Mount Diablo and Greenbelt Alliance oppose Measure W. Keep our creeks and hills protected by voting no on W.

For more details and a short video, visit www.NoOnMeasureW.org or www.SaveMountDiablo.org.

Diane Griffiths

San Ramon

Tri-Valley Herald

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