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Neighborhood Lemon Hunt

As we follow directives to stay close to home, I have been turning to explorations of my own neighborhood, the Grand Lake district of Oakland. Spring gardens are in full bloom and citrus trees are bursting across the East Bay. At the same time—to help pass the time and motivate my family to keep active with school assignments, choir practice, and soccer drills—I have been using baking projects as a fun reward.

This has led to a significant amount of lemon-themed baking projects! Fortunately, citrus-flavored cakes are quite popular in our household. And within our neighborhood, we have a mix of different types of lemons. We have meyer lemons in our yard and can trade with neighbors for other types. 

Here are a couple of cakes we’ve made in the last week.

Here is the lemon-honey cake I made with a very cute mold. The “tear and share” style is not perfect for social distancing, but our household managed to finish it up on our own with no problem.

We also loved this lemon almond cake. I used our own meyer lemons for the cake itself and a more traditional sour lemon for the glaze. And with all the almond flour, I consider this the style of cake that can be considered practically healthy and eaten for breakfast!

I hope you enjoy these recipes. I would love to hear about other favorite lemon recipes as well!

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