Melissa Hippard

Melissa Hippard

Santa Rosa just got SMARTER

On September 18, the Santa Rosa City Council adopted a revised version of the North Santa Rosa Station Area Plan. After a summer of doubt, Greenbelt Alliance is pleased to report that our efforts to get the city to work out a compromise with the Coddington Mall owners was successful.

While we were unable to completely save the July version of the plan, the mall owners agreed to zoning a portion of their parking lot for transit-oriented development. This means that when the time is right and there is demand for housing, parking spaces can be transformed into homes.

Greenbelt Alliance will continue working with the Santa Rosa community to ensure that the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) vision is realized. With plenty of drivers ready to trade long, congested car rides for leisurely commutes by train, SMART represents a healthier direction for Santa Rosa and Sonoma County.


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