If you thought flood, fire and mold were the largest threats to your house, you probably have yet to face the menace of a pregnant raccoon.

Editorial: Measure A will inject energy into downtown; vote yes May 19

Measure A, which would allow 500 residential units to be built in the downtown area, deserves your vote May 19.

Measure A’s campaign gains speed

April 20, 2009 Measure A’s campaign gains speed Natalie Everett The Committee for Measure A is mounting a vigorous and far-reaching campaign for the passage of the downtown redevelopment measure, but whether or not the message will reach and convince the on-the-fence public is yet to be seen. Measure A would allow 500 residential units to be built downtown by exempting them from the details of the city’s growth control ordinance while… Read More

Affordable housing dominates Santa Rosa residential debate

Santa Rosa has 10 weeks to adopt a policy shaping residential development for the next 26 years — a future clouded by competing forces.

DIY Hike: Maritime Martinez

Check out this DIY Hike created for you by Greenbelt Alliance. Get to know your local greenbelt!