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Team Greenbelt Alliance is ready to rock Climate Ride 2013!

Climate Ride is less than two days away—Team Greenbelt Alliance is primed and ready to start pedaling!

On Saturday morning, we’ll board a bus to Eureka to kick off the 2013 California Climate Ride. Our team will join over 150 other cyclists riding to raise money for environmental organizations throughout the land. Greenbelt Alliance is proud to be a beneficiary organization of Climate Ride and we’re thrilled to have such an awesome team of passionate supporters.

Meet our team and sponsor their efforts here.

Climate Ride is a five-day, 320-mile charitable bike ride from Eureka to San Francisco. The purpose is to raise awareness of and funds for bike advocacy, sustainability, and renewable energy to help combat climate change.

Our team has been training, fundraising, and promoting Greenbelt Alliance’s mission for the past three months. From bake sales to practice rides throughout the Bay Area, we’ve been working hard and having a lot of fun doing it!

From May 18 through May 23, follow our progress on Climate Ride daily right here on our blog, via our Twitter, and on Facebook. We’ll be riding 60–100 miles per day, meeting other environment-loving Climate Riders, and camping under the stars—not a bad week in the office.

Meet us at San Francisco City Hall at high noon on Thursday, May 23 as we roll through the finish line—there will be a huge rally and plenty of high-fives to be had!

If you’re feeling inspired, we’d love to have you ride with us this September from New York to D.C. or next year for California Climate Ride 2014. Happy pedaling!

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