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Rethinking the Royal Road

El Camino is in need of some sprucing up. Neglected for too long, the spine that connects communities from Daly City to San Jose is benefiting from some focused attention: the Grand Boulevard Initiative.

Greenbelt Alliance is excited about our partnership with SamTrans and the San Mateo County Health System to create a buzz around El Camino’s next act as an attractive and safe place to live, work, and shop. We helped produce this video to demonstrate the many opportunities we have to transform the Royal Road. The goal is for people who live and work in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties to view El Camino as an attractive benefit and one that works with their lifestyle.

The Grand Boulevard Initiative from City Knights on Vimeo.

We’ve been reflecting back on El Camino’s auto-centric style, which evolved in the 1920s. Before that, foot traffic, horse-drawn wagons and trains dominated the route at different times. What would it take for El Camino to be attractively accessible to all people who travel by foot, bike, bus, train and car? Local resident Mark Stetik commented that it would be nice if the boulevard was a place where “you get a sense of being in the middle of things without being in the middle of traffic.”

Our most recent Walk the Talk forum in Menlo Park discussed the benefits of green transportation.  Missed it? You can learn more about the Grand Boulevard Initiative on March 5 when we host our next forum in Sunnyvale. You can also check out the evening’s presentations.

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