San Ramon sends growth boundary expansion to voters

As expected, the San Ramon City Council voted 5-0 on Monday to place an item on the November 2, 2010 ballot that expands the city’s urban growth boundary to include 1,624 acres of the Tassajara Valley, opening the area for major development.

What surprised everyone was the amount of community members who came to show their opposition. The meeting room was packed and 15 of the 16 speakers urged the council to protect the Tassajara Valley by leaving the boundary in place. The Councilmembers also read emails urging them to “hold the line.”  The opposition’s participation was particularly important in shaping the press coverage, which will be critical to winning voter support in November.

Get involved in the campaign against urban growth boundary expansion into the Tassajara Valley. Become a fan of People Opposed to Developers Breaking San Ramon’s Urban Growth Boundary on Facebook. (Just click on “I like this.”) Fans can stay updated on the campaign and share information with other supporters and volunteers.

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  1. I had a chance meeting with a young man who had been working with the City on this. He said the County was set to approve a major project in the valley and the only way to block it is for the City to amend its line and add to its sphere of influence. Is there any truth in that?

  2. Hi BobK,

    You (and the young man) are correct that the County is considering a development for that area. It’s called “New Farm,” and it has been written about extensively. Here’s some background info:

    However, Greenbelt Alliance has done a legal analysis of the New Farm project and found that it is not legal under current Contra Costa County general plan policy:

    The New Farm project application is not complete and will likely never be, given its non-conformity with the County’s general plan. Thus the immediate threat to the Tassajara Valley comes from the urban growth boundary expansion on the November ballot.

    Thanks for the question,
    Sara Barz
    Greenbelt Alliance

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