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Self-Care & DIY Natural Beauty Products

These are unprecedented times. The uncertainty and isolation may be causing a lot of stress and anxiety for some of us. 

It’s easy to get bogged down by doom surfing, but we are most resilient and adaptable to whatever life brings us when we are feeling our best physically, mentally, and emotionally and that means taking some time for self-care. Self-care allows us to manage stress, reduce burnout, self-soothe, and give back to ourselves so we can be our best for our family, friends, and our communities. 

Getting out in nature is a great way to destress. Sadly, many of us don’t have access to parks and open spaces due to the stay in place order. So we’re looking for ways we can incorporate nature indoors, and sometimes that can be hard. Why not try to craft some nourishing, all-natural recipes for our skin?

Many beauty products can be made with natural wholesome ingredients found in our pantries. Here is a shortlist of natural products you can make with items you likely have sitting around: 

  • Eggs are great for all types of hair. For normal hair, use the entire egg. For oily hair, use just the whites, and for dry hair use just the yolk. 
  • Raw honey makes a great facial mask due to its hydrating and antibacterial qualities. 
  • Avocado is super moisturizing and is a great base for hair and facial masks. 
  • Coconut oil can be used unadulterated as body lotion, a hair mask, or even makeup remover. Also, it’s a great base for making many other products.
  • Sugar scrub is a great exfoliant. To make your own, combine granulated sugar with olive oil and essential oils.

Those are some quick things you can make in a pinch, but you can easily make many items that could replace your normal beauty routine. It’s cheaper than traditional beauty products, reduces your risk of exposure to harmful chemicals you can’t pronounce, and is extremely sustainable, which is good for our planet. Wellness Mama has created a list of 7 items to have on hand to make over 20 different DIY recipes. Give them a try!

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