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Spring 2020 Priority Development Area Call for Letters of Interest

Submission Window Open Through May 31, 2020

As the Bay Area builds more housing to accommodate the updated RHNA numbers, Plan Bay Area is working to make sure this housing is prioritized in the right places. More than 70 city and county governments have voluntarily designated some 170 locations around the Bay Area as Priority Development Areas (PDAs).  PDAs are areas within existing communities and typically are accessible by one or more transit services. They are often located near established job centers, shopping districts, and other services. But there are many transit-rich and high-resource areas that presently are not designated as PDAs (see map here). 

ABAG and MTC have opened a second call for Letters of Interest for new and modified Priority Development Areas (PDAs) in advance of the Plan Bay Area 2050 Final Blueprint. 

Analysis of the Draft Blueprint’s growth geographies and strategies is currently underway. 

However, local jurisdictions have a second and final opportunity to submit additional PDAs or expand PDA boundaries in advance of the Final Blueprint phase. Eligible PDAs areas submitted by May 31, 2020 will be integrated into the Plan Bay Area 2050 Final Blueprint later this year.

Jurisdictions can nominate a new PDA or modify an existing PDA by following the steps below:

  1. Check if the area you are interested in nominating meets PDA transit and location criteria. View an interactive map of eligible areas.
  2. If the area is eligible, download and complete a Letter of Interest Form.
  3. Submit a completed Letter of Interest Form, accompanied by a GIS shapefile of the PDA boundaries, to pdas@bayareametro.gov by May 31, 2020. 

For new PDAs, jurisdictions must also submit an adopted or agendized City Council or Board of Supervisors resolution nominating the PDA by May 31, 2020, with all agendized resolutions adopted no later than June 30, 2020.

Contact pdas@bayareametro.gov with questions.

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