Plan Bay Area

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Plan Bay Area is an unprecedented regional strategy for creating sustainable communities throughout the region. Greenbelt Alliance has been a leading advocate for Plan Bay Area from day one—spearheading support for its adoption in 2013 and again for its first update in 2017 when it became Plan Bay Area 2040Plan Bay Area 2050 will dig deeper into the issues that face the Bay Area now and over the next 30 years.

Plan Bay Area 2050 will outline a roadmap for the Bay Area’s future. While it will pinpoint policies and investments necessary to advance the goal of a more affordable, connected, diverse, healthy, and vibrant Bay Area, Plan Bay Area 2050 neither funds specific infrastructure projects nor changes local policies. Cities and counties will retain all local land-use authority. Plan Bay Area 2050 does identify a potential path forward for future investments, including infrastructure to improve our transportation system and to protect communities from rising sea levels. It also advises on the types of public policies necessary to realize a future growth pattern for housing and jobs.

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