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Key people’s opinions have been largely absent from the affordable housing debate in Marin. Amid the hostility and rancor that has dominated the public discourse, the voices of our residents of affordable housing have been ignored completely.

Today, we honor their voices and their courage for speaking out in Live Local Marin’s new publication, With an Affordable Place to Live: Stories from Marin. [download]

These stories are first-hand accounts from families and individuals who, despite the odds, have found affordable places to live in Marin. More than just a roof to sleep under, these places have turned around people’s lives. The Fireside provided the stable home that Tabitha Hurt needed to raise her young son. Pilgrim Park allowed Jaswant Bassi to keep his family near relatives. Their stories remind us that, no matter which side of the debate you stand on, we can all agree that we want to be able to make a home of our own.

Live Local Marin would like to invite you to share these heartfelt stories with your friends, family, and colleagues. We can all use a little positive inspiration these days.

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