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Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: 1431 Franklin Street

February 2024 Update: This project was approved by city council and the appeal has been dropped so the project can move forward.

Greenbelt Alliance is excited to officially endorse Tidewater Capital’s 1431 Franklin Street project in downtown Oakland, which envisions the conversion of a large existing surface parking lot into 381 badly-needed new multi-family homes for city workers and residents, expanding the housing supply in a thriving transit-rich area.

1431 Franklin Street is a perfect example of what sustainable urban infill development looks like: a new, high density project that will greatly improve upon the existing use of the site and allow Oakland to reach its housing goals and needs in a climate-smart way.

Sustainability and Transit Orientation 

In addition to increasing the housing stock and helping address the city’s affordability goals, 1431 Franklin further prioritizes our climate SMART—Sustainable, Mixed, Affordable, Resilient, Transit-Oriented—criteria in a number of ways. The project promotes alternative transportation methods, providing 87 individual bicycle parking spaces and secure storage, and the developers anticipate additional TDM measures, including incorporating public transit passes for project residents as well.  

Moreover, the project’s downtown location is just a minute’s walk to BART, as well as multiple AC Transit bus lines, including high quality BRT, and will allow residents to ditch their cars and significantly lower their carbon footprints. By building so many new homes near transit, as well as shops, services, dining, and more, the city has the chance to significantly reduce VMT while providing an experience that will benefit all Oaklanders.

According to GreenTRIP—a free online tool created by Transform that models traffic and greenhouse gas impacts of residential projects in California— 1431 Franklin Street will result in:

  • 7,248 fewer miles driven every day compared to the Alameda County average.
  • 62% fewer GHG impacts every day compared to the Alameda County average.
  • 82% less parking use every day compared to the Alameda County average.

We are proud to support Tidewater Capital’s vision for this site and look forward to seeing this project turn into reality. We hope its approval will inspire cities around the Bay Area to redouble their efforts to grow smartly.  

Greenbelt Alliance’s Climate SMART—Sustainable, Mixed, Affordable, Resilient, Transit-Oriented— Development Endorsement Program goals call for fully protecting the Bay Area’s greenbelt, directing growth within existing communities, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and accomplishing both in a way that equitably benefits all Bay Area residents. Our Endorsement Program supports projects that advance the right kind of development in the right places. By promoting climate SMART development, we can create thriving, resilient neighborhoods with ready access to transit and housing choices for all of the Bay Area’s people. Find out more about our Endorsement Program here. Feel free to contact our team for more information and support.

Header Photo: rendering by LARGE Architecture

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