Greenbelt Alliance Endorsed: The MacArthur Transit Village—Parcel B

Greenbelt Alliance is proud to endorse the MacArthur Transit Village in Oakland by Boston Properties, a smart project that will redefine what’s possible near transit in the East Bay.

Oakland Approves New Funding Source for Affordable Homes

A view of Oakland, where Adam Garcia and Greenbelt Alliance are using the Bay Area Greenprint to empower local communities

Last night, the Oakland City Council officially adopted a housing impact fee—the single largest local source of funding for affordable homes in the city’s history. The new funding will generate an estimated $60 million over the next 10 years for the construction and preservation of affordable homes.

Oakland Considers New Funds for Affordable Homes

Uptown construction

The Bay Area’s housing affordability crisis has hit Oakland particularly hard. You may have heard that Oakland has the “hottest” rental market in the entire nation—yes, even ahead of San Francisco. Oakland rents have risen an astonishing 20% in just the past year. Now some help is hopefully on the way.

Oakland Plans Housing Near 19th Street BART

The Oakland City Council has approved building 234 new homes on city-owned land near the 19th Street BART in the Broadway-Valdez District. Fifteen percent of these homes will be affordable to a mix of very-low, low, and moderate income people.

Housing Activists Push for ‘Highest Possible’ Oakland Impact Fees as Mayor Calls for Patience

More than 100 activists are expected to rally on Thursday afternoon outside Oakland City Hall to call for the city to immediately implement the highest economically feasible impact fee to fund affordable housing.

Oakland Favors Bank Over Bus Riders

The city prioritized the demands of a bank over the needs of commuters and eliminated a key bus stop on a busy Broadway line — angering senior citizens, transportation advocates, and AC Transit.

A Better Broadway, a Better Oakland

Joel and Yvette Devalcourt

Two years ago, Joel and his wife, Yvette, saw the East Bay as an exciting place where they could start a family. Fast-forward to 2014, Joel, as Greenbelt Alliance’s Regional Representative, helped Oakland adopt an exciting plan for the Broadway Valdez neighborhood.

Growing Smarter in Oakland’s Broadway Valdez Neighborhood

Photo: Joe Parks

Last night, the Oakland City Council unanimously approved the Broadway Valdez District Specific Plan, which calls for 1,800 new homes—many of which will be affordable to low- and middle-income residents—along Oakland’s busiest transit corridor.

Why Jean Quan’s 10K Plan Is Eco-Friendly

Building 10,000 new housing units in Oakland will lessen the need to bulldoze green spaces in the East Bay, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

Update: Oakland Magazine’s Re-Occupy Oakland

UPDATE 6/6/14: Read the Better Broadway Coalition’s most recent comment letter on the plan [PDF]. “Broadway was ‘The Street’ in Oakland for many years, but it has also been many years since it has been that. Satisfying the city’s need for sales tax revenue is a huge challenge. We want to make sure it is done in a way that still creates a thriving community with smart investments for Oakland. We need to… Read More