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SF Supports Housing for Teachers by Voting Yes on Prop E

UPDATE: All ballots have been counted and we are thrilled that San Francisco’s Proposition E passed with a majority vote, providing critical funding to house the city’s educators.

San Francisco Unified School District reports that 64% of its teachers spend more than 30% of their income on housing, and almost 15% spend more than half—making them officially rent-burdened.

The situation is even worse for other educators like daycare providers, teaching assistants, and kindergarten teachers in the Bay Area who tend to make less than $49,000 a year. We must provide homes our educators can afford so passing Prop E is a huge win!

The Affordable Homes for Educators & Families NOW! initiative provides much-needed improvements to San Francisco’s notoriously complicated and lengthy approvals process for new affordable homes. The proposition expedites 100% affordable and educator housing projects and provides greater flexibility in local zoning to make these projects more financially feasible while safeguarding parks and open space. It will help address the city’s housing affordability challenges and can serve as a model for removing roadblocks to inclusive, sustainable development across the Bay Area.

For more information on Prop. E, contact us.

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