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Union City: Vote NO on Measure KK



Measure KK is not okay.

Put on the ballot by Masonic Homes of California, this measure would break voter-approved open space protections to allow hundreds of housing units and strip mall development on 63 acres of land at the eastern edge of Union City.

Greenbelt Alliance urges Union City residents to say no to sprawl by voting no on Measure KK this November.

If approved, Measure KK would allow the City Council to strip away the land’s agricultural zoning and approve development proposals without a vote of Union City residents.

The city does not need this sprawl, which would pave over important open space, increase car traffic and congestion near local schools, and strain local water supplies, especially in drought years.

Removal of the existing voter-approved open space protections could also set a dangerous precedent and lead to more attempts to undermine previously-adopted preservation policies for other natural and agricultural lands.

In this case, Measure KK would overturn 1996’s Measure II, which was approved by 65% of Union City voters and which Greenbelt Alliance strongly supported. To date, Measure II has been very effective at preventing sprawl development on open space lands east of the city.

This election day, let’s protect Union City’s conservation legacy by rejecting Measure KK.

Updated on 10/23/14: The Oakland Tribune agrees that Union City residents should vote NO on Measure KK (link to editorial).


To get involved in the campaign to defeat Measure KK, visit


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