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Vote yes on Measure T and save our farmland

Marti Brown

Join the Solano County Farm Bureau, Greenbelt Alliance, your local Chamber of Commerce, and the Solano Orderly Growth Committee in saving Solano County’s open spaces and farm economy from unchecked urban sprawl. Vote “Yes” on Measure T to protect our irreplaceable agriculture and natural areas.

Measure T protects more than 400,000 acres of open space and farmland from development and renews the Orderly Growth Initiative (originally passed in 1984) – giving voters control over any new developments in unincorporated Solano County. It helps strengthen our agricultural economy by giving farmers more operational flexibility and keeps their farms profitable. It also identifies areas of agricultural tourism and other farm processes, which are good for the agricultural economy and helps create local jobs.

Measure T will make Solano County a leader in renewable energy by identifying locations for clean energy resources (e.g., wind power) and providing sites for research and development leading to more job creation.

Since 1984, the Orderly Growth Initiative has protected Solano County’s agricultural land and open spaces by directing the majority of urban growth and development into Solano County cities. Without T, the initiative will expire in 2010 and place Solano County at risk for uncontrolled development void of the checks and balances we have relied on (and taken for granted) during the past 20 years.

Measure T will renew these important protections and continue our legacy of protecting 90 percent of Solano County for farmland and open space; and driving development and growth into the cities — where it belongs — and keep Solano County rural and green.

On Nov. 4, vote “yes” on Measure T!


This article was originally published in The Reporter.

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