Brian Schmidt

Brian Schmidt

San Jose Votes YES On Measure T to Protect Coyote Valley and the City

Update: We’re thrilled that San Jose passed Measure T in the November 2018 election, approving up to $50 million for land acquisition and preservation in Coyote Valley.

Greenbelt Alliance endorsed San Jose’s Measure T, an innovative infrastructure bond that will protect San Jose’s “green infrastructure” in Coyote Valley, as well as invest in disaster preparedness, public safety, and other infrastructure in the city. The City will allocate up to $50 million for land acquisition for natural flood and water quality protection in Coyote Valley.

Voting yes on Measure T provided a range of benefits to San Jose and the environmental interests of the city’s residents, including:

  • Having flooding occur in Coyote Valley instead of in the urban areas of San Jose.
  • Having carbon stored there instead of emitted in the atmosphere.
  • Having San Jose retain its value for wildlife and urban edge agriculture, as well as for wildfire protection.
  • Having San Jose recognize and retain a “Greenway Loop” from the Bay through Guadalupe River, Almaden Valley, Coyote Valley, Coyote Creek, and back down to the Bay.

The other funding aspects of the infrastructure bond provide vital protection against disaster as well as improving the quality of life throughout the city. Measure T also supports people seeking to live in compact, walkable communities that are the future of San Jose and of the Bay Area at large. Passed by a ⅔ majority of voters in November 2018, Measure T will be a valuable resource for San Jose and will help achieve a long-held goal of protecting Coyote Valley.

Photo: David W Chang via Flickr

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