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We educate, advocate, and collaborate to ensure the Bay Area’s lands and communities are resilient to a changing climate.

Climate change is dramatically impacting the entire Bay Area and requires action now. We’ve known this for a while, but our leaders are still trying to figure out how to be resilient to its devastating impacts. In other words, taking concrete steps towards being resilient to a rapidly changing climate is one big puzzle.

Greenbelt Alliance is shifting the perceptions and actions of leaders across government, communities, and businesses to protect and prioritize people and lands in the face of the climate crisis.

With every policy decision and inclusive planning process that prepares the Bay Area for wildfires, floods, and droughts, we succeed. With every additional acre of natural and working land restored to reap climate-resilience benefits, we succeed. With every new climate SMART development we endorse that cities then approve to build for the communities of the future, we succeed.

We do this by researching and communicating solutions that will protect more natural and working lands and by prioritizing the conservation of our highest-value landscapes. We do this by driving local, regional, and state-level advocacy efforts—building local partnerships and coalitions with residents, community groups, and nonprofits. We do this by supporting development that creates thriving, resilient neighborhoods with ready access to transit and housing choices for everyone who lives in the Bay Area.


Climate Risk Research​

Accelerating Climate Resilience

Climate SMART Development



In order to plan and implement policies that protect and enhance valuable natural lands that in turn protect communities from climate change, we need decision-making that draws from a full picture of the multiple climate risks—as well as the resilience benefits—of the Bay Area’s natural lands.


Elevating the most promising, feasible, and equitable policy recommendations that will accelerate the Bay Area’s adaptation to climate impacts and reducing vulnerability to wildfire, flooding, and drought through land-use decisions is at the heart of our climate advocacy.

We Collaborate

Working with local, regional, and state governments as well as diverse coalitions, we break down silos and push for public participation with a true diversity of voices—increasing the likelihood of equitable outcomes.

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Share the Love: Tell us your story

Throughout our 60-year history, Greenbelt Alliance has touched the lives of thousands of Bay Area people. If you have a great story about your experience with us, we can’t wait to hear it. Share the love here.

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