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As our partner, your support over the coming year will help jumpstart our new vision for a climate resilient Bay Area. We educate, advocate, and collaborate to ensure the Bay Area’s lands and communities are resilient to a changing climate. To us, this looks like: all Bay Area people enjoying thriving places to live, work, and play, and connecting with nature in new and beautiful ways. And our most vulnerable communities staying safe during climate disasters and recovering quickly after the next wildfire, flood, or drought.

Resilient Community Sponsor

$ 25,000

Climate Advocacy Sponsor

$ 10,000

Conservation Education Sponsor

$ 5,000

Natural Lands Sponsor

$ 2,500

Thriving Neighborhoods Sponsor

$ 1,000


Corporate Sponsors

Resilient Community Sponsors

Natural Lands Sponsors

Climate Advocacy Sponsors

Conservation Education Sponsors

Thriving Neighborhoods Sponsors

Greenbelt Ambassadors

American Farmland Trust | Bay Area Council | Boston Properties | Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco | L37 Partners | Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California | TMG Partners | Webcor Builders

Individual Sponsors

Resilient Community Sponsors

Laney & Pasha Thornton

Climate Advocacy Sponsors

Lynne Deegan-McGraw | Elliot Evers | Linda Jo Fitz | Francoise Fleishhacker | Craig Hartman & Jan O’Brien | Jon & Kitty Harvey | Tom Perkins | Arthur Rock & Toni Rembe | Diane Wilsey

Natural Land Sponsors

Andy & Sara Barnes | John & Jean Brennan | Tom Brickley | Robert Johnson | John Sutter

Thriving Neighborhoods Sponsors

 Stefan Bewley | Steve & Fran Butler | Colette Cussary | Patricia Dinner | Roland Dreier | David Hearth & Lauren Hall | Josh Hurwitz | Robert Lawrence | Jake & Barbara Mackenzie | William & Christney McGlashan | BART Director Robert Raburn | Sally & Toby Rosenblatt | Michele & Richard Stratton | Swanhuyser Family | Corinne Winter | Carolyn Zecca-Ferris 


Individual Sponsorships: Nora Cullinen  |  |  1-415-543-6771 x302
Corporate Sponsorships: Paris Badat  |  |  1-415-543-6771 x315

Corporate Sponsorship Offerings

Individual Sponsorship Offerings

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