Holy Urban Greening, Batman!

Urban Greening Priority Conservation Areas are an investment in our neighborhoods’ natural resources that will create healthier environments for humans and wildlife while also cutting long-term costs and increasing land value.

How Santa Clara County Is Protecting Our Most Valuable Resource—Water

photo Gordon Shukwit via Flickr

Healthy Bay Area watersheds are fundamental to safeguarding California’s limited water resources, now under increasing strain from development and climate change. The Santa Clara Valley Water District manages an integrated water resources system that keeps our creeks and ecosystems healthy for nearly 2 million residents.

Money Talks: The value of Santa Clara County open space

How do you put a value on the benefits that our natural and agricultural lands provide? For the first time ever, Santa Clara County has calculated the economic value of its natural capital. Spoiler alert: it’s worth a lot.

Senator Steinberg Proposes Cap-and-Trade Climate Strategy

Greenbelt Alliance was a guest at today’s announcement of Senator Steinberg’s proposed multi-billion dollar climate strategy. The plan would dedicate cap-and-trade revenue from AB 32 toward transportation and housing.

Sonoma County Leading the Way in Climate Action

All nine cities in Sonoma County are participating in Climate Action 2020, a collaborative effort wherein each city is developing a Community Climate Action Plan to reduce its carbon footprint.

Greenbelt Alliance Named 2013 Top Nonprofit

The international organization Philanthropedia, which helps donors give more strategically, has named Greenbelt Alliance as an expert-recommended high-impact nonprofit. Donate today to help continue our impact on the Bay Area!

Round Two of OneBayArea Grants: One step forward, two steps back

Just last week the Metropolitan Transportation Commission released a second draft of the OneBayArea grant proposal. But it seems like for every step MTC took in the right direction, it took two more in the wrong direction.

Green Your City’s Blueprint: A Toolkit to Make Planning Easier

(Note: This is another in our series of expert blogs on TOD highlighting work and research that experts and advocates are doing in the field. Today we have Jennifer Gennari, Communications Director at Greenbelt Alliance) Individual actions — bicycling instead of driving, turning off lights, recycling — are often the first steps taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What we do collectively, though, can have a greater impact. Policies that change where we build are… Read More

Green Your City’s Blueprint: The tools to influence change

Greenbelt Alliance’s newest publication, Green Your City’s Blueprint: A Toolkit for Climate-Friendly General Plans, provides local advocates with clear instructions to change a general plan to be more climate-friendly.

Green Your City’s Blueprint

This toolkit provides local advocates with clear instructions to change a general plan to be more climate-friendly and outlines the tools needed to succeed.