2030 Update to Mountain View’s General Plan

After many years of hard work, Mountain View is poised to adopt a new General Plan. Greenbelt Alliance is thrilled to have been a part of this process. It has been a pleasure and valuable learning experience to work in a community with so many sharp, dedicated residents, staff members and officials. Already the draft General Plan has gained Mountain View local and national press coverage. We are confident that the document you are about to adopt is cutting edge. It will not only propel Mountain View in an exciting, environmentally sustainable direction, but will also serve as an example to the region and world.

Google comes out in support of Mountain View, Calif.’s “forward-thinking” General Plan update

Google digitally reaches millions of people around the world each day, but the company has a very physical home in Mountain View, Calif. – and Google’s leaders have a vision for what they’d like that home to look like in the future.

Michael Freedman: The man behind Castro Street

Rather, Castro Street wasn’t always the walkable, pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare that Mountain View has come to embrace since the early 1990s. And Mountain View, as well as the surrounding peninsula communities, largely have Michael Freedman to thank.

More is Less: More homes in Mountain View lead to less enviro harm

More is less when it comes to the environment, and a report from Mountain View confirms it.

More is Less: More homes in Mountain View is better for the environment

Report finds more homes is “environmentally superior” to business as usual

San Francisco—Counter to conventional wisdom, a Mountain View report has concluded that adding more homes would reduce how much people drive, an “environmentally superior” plan to one with fewer homes.

Downsize Me! Building cohousing at 445 Calderon

Where do you go when you’re ready to downsize?

A film series to reinvent our cities

Ah, summer blockbuster season. What will you see? The Green Lantern? Hangover 2? What about A Convenient Truth?

Vibrant Living with the Chang Family

Five years ago, Anthony Chang and his wife, Wendy Wong, decided to intentionally change the way they were living.

Comment on the Notice of Preparation for the EIR for the Mountain View General Plan 2030.

Greenbelt Alliance appreciates the opportunity to comment on the Notice of Preparation for the EIR for the Mountain View General Plan 2030.

Residents Learn Benefits of Sustainable Living

Imagine living in a city that supports and encourages health and healthy practices. Imagine a place where people care about what children eat.